Manufacterer of Osprey fishing tackle.Fishing spoons plated in silver and gold

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The Original Maker of Osprey Fishing Tackle
Special note: This is the official site for Osprey fishing tackle. There are a few sites in china using the Osprey name, hoping to latch on to the Osprey®  brand. View our registered trade mark.

  • Fishing spoons  with a highly polished surface.
  • Fishing spoons plated in silver/ gold/brass.
  • Shape and curve on fishing spoons designed to generate water turbulence.
  • Spoon length from 8cm/3in to12cm/4.8in
silver or gold plated fishing spoon lsa
Fishing spoons LSA
code No Body length Wt
LSA-1 6cm/2.4in 15g/0.5oz
LSA-2 7cm/2.8in 20g/0.7oz
LSA-3 8cm/3.1in 26g/0.90z
High raised scale fishing spoon in gold or silver plating lsb
Fishing spoons LSB
code No Body length Wt
LSB-1 7cm/2.8in 18g/0.6oz
LSB-2 8cm/3.1in 23g/0.8oz
Silver or brass plated fishing spoon lsc
Fishing spoons LSC
code No Body length Wt
LSC-1 6cm/2.4in 13g/0.5oz
LSC-2 7cm/2.8in 18g/0.6oz
silver plated spoon with deep body curve lsd
Fishing spoons LSD
code No Body length Wt
LSD-1 7cm/2.8in 15g/0.5oz
LSD-2 8cm/3.1in 20g/0.7oz
fishing spoon with deep body curve to create a wobbling swim action lse
Fishing spoons LSE
code No Body length Wt
LSE-1 6cm/2.4in 13g/0.5oz
LSE-2 7cm/2.8in 16g/0.6oz
silver and gold plated fishing spoons with gliding fin lsf
Fishing spoons LSF
code No Body length Wt
LSF-1 7cm/2.8in 15g/0.5oz
LSF-2 8cm/3.1in 20g/0.7oz
Fishing spoon sliver and gold plated lca01
Fishing spoons LCA01
Code 1
Weight-gm 21
length-cm 11


Fishing spoon sliver and gold plated lca02
Fishing spoons LCA02
Code 1
Weight-gm 37
length-cm 11
Fishign spoon sliver and gold plated:lca06
Fishing spoons LCA06
Code 1
Weight-gm 30
length-cm 12
Fishing spoon sliver and gold plated lca10
Fishing spoons LCA10
Code 1
Weight-gm 19
length-cm 8
Fishign spoon sliver and gold plated:4in
Fishing spoons LCA011
Code 1
Weight-gm 20
length-cm 10


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