Osprey Fishing rods.
Maker on wholesale and OEM manufactuer of proven quality fishing rods since 1998 

Wholesale fishing rods 

Osprey spiral wrap blank spinning rods being tested to it's limitFishing rods blank in graphite, fibreglass and our special spiral wrap composite blank.

Fishing rods in our manufacturing programe- Trolling rods from 20lb~200lb class. Jigging rods with a cast weight from 30g to 300g. Spinning and casting rods from Ultra light to hard action. Fly rods from #3~~12. Telescopic rods from 2.1mtr to 6mtrs in lenght. 

Osprey Fishing rods

Osprey Compact telescopic rods. Compact Pen rods.
Rods for hikers-compact pen rods  fit in palm. Pg4.

  • Fast taper compact telescopic rods and pen rods with match spinning rods.

  • Compact pen rods small enough to fit into a shirt pockets. Pen rods enclosed in a bamboo pattern casing

  • Pen rods. Copact telescopic rods enclosed in a pen shape casing. Pen rods also available in a bamboo like casing

  • Opsrey compact hiker's rods. Compact telescopic rods that will fit in a shirt pocket Opsrey pen rods with a pen shape bamboo casing  

Mini compact rod: REN1020  - with cork handle
 Compact Rod Blank : Epoxy carbon composite

 Action : Faster Taper
 Cast wt: 5/15g/1/4~1/2oz Length: 1.8mtr or 6ft
 close length: 25cm/9.8in. Spinning reel versions

 Osprey compact telescopic rods with a trigger grip for casting. 6ft telescopic compact rods with a 10in closed length
Compact rod Blank : Epoxy carbon composite
 Action : Faster Taper
 Cast wt: 5-15g/ 1/4-1/2oz
  Length: 1.8mtr or 6ft
 close length: 26cm/10in, Casting reel version.

Compact telescopic hiker rods combo set.
Compact telescopic rod-line tes:5~8lb(2-2.5kg
Code No Ext
RTS2040-180T 1.8m/6.0ft 47cm/18.5in 20-40g
RTS2040-210T 2.1m/7.0ft 48cm/18.9in 20-40g
RTS2040-240T 2.4m/8.0ft 49cm/19.3in 20-40g
RTS204-270T 2.7m/9ft 50cm/19.6in 204-40
Click  this link to view Video showing  compactness of this rod
Special feature - extendable handle

A faster taper compact telescopic pen rod  with an extend length of 1.3m/4.3ft. Design to use with our match mini spinning reel.
close length. Compact rod enclosed in a look alike 8.5in/21.5cm bamboo case 

Osprey compact pen rods. Compact telescopic pen  rods enclosed in a pen like casing
Model  RF5-132x8  Compact telescopic pen rods.
Compact Pen rods Ext length of 1.3m/4.3ft.
Pen rods blank: IM6 Carbon graphite.

Compact Pen rods closed length:7.8in/20cm
Color range available for pen rods

Note we also handle customised colors.

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Med. light action fishing pole- bamboo pattern
Code No Ext length Close
 Nos. of section Actions
RGH2823 9.0ft 23cm/9.0in 17 5-15g



Front drag spinning reel make to suit compact pen rods 
Code for reel:RTF100A3..   Gear ratio:5:1
 Capacity: 0.15/190m, 0.18/145, 0.20/110   
     4lb/188yd,  5/150yd, 6/120yd

 Matching reels for pen rods
Osprey spinning rods for pen rods. Rear drag spinning reels for pen rods  
Rear drag spinning reel make to suit  our pen rods
MODEL: MX15PA --premium model